Solar Panel Mounts: Increasing Energy Efficiency

Many people know the reasons for installing solar panels on their homes. This is true regardless of whether they actually use the technology we mount your tvs. To make solar panels work best, you need to live in an area that receives a lot of sun all year. To capture the sunlight continuously throughout the day, the panels must be aimed at it. Installing solar panel mounts is a good way to keep your panels squarely aligned with the sun.

There are special solar panel mounts available that can follow the movement of sunlight through the sky. These mounts have been available for many years. These mounts can be trusted to be reliable. These mounts can be trusted just as much as your garage doors opener. Although such an investment is not cheap, the additional energy-collecting power of the panels that these mounts provide will quickly offset the initial cost. You can generally expect a 30-40% efficiency increase. This means you can either produce 30% to 40% more energy for your home, or you can use less panels to generate the same amount.

If you want to see what solar panel mountings look like, imagine solar power “farms” that have hundreds of panels mounted on mounts in the same direction every day. The automatic tracking mounts move reliably from dawn till dusk each day. It runs the same course every day and resets itself each evening. Even though the power required for mounting is minimal, it can easily provide a net gain up to 30 percent per panel. Older mounts required owners to move the mount in the sun each hour. Most likely, it was just when they remembered. You can install your solar panel mounts automatically and forget it. You get more panel efficiency and less hassle. The only reason why you might hesitate to invest in this product is the increased cost. This should not be a reason to put off making this investment. These products can last decades and easily pay back their costs in additional energy production years before they expire.

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